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Your Timing is Perfect

“Your timing is perfect,” said the school administrator as I walked in. “We were just discussing painting the building.”
I took a look at the exterior of the school. It was green with mold. Dryvit, commonly confused with stucco, is very porous making it a breeding ground for mold.
“You won’t need to paint the building. I’ll do a free sample so you can see firsthand what we can do for you,” I offered, heading toward my truck.

Fifteen minutes later, without interrupting the school’s operations, I showed him a 20 foot sample of clean dryvit. “Wow!” He shook my hand. I could tell we we had exceeded his expectations.
  I smiled. Not only were we going to save him thousands of dollars for a paint job, we were going to be able to clean the dryvit without interrupting the school’s schedule.