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Cleaner is Happier

Dusting and vacuuming: have they ever put you in a good mood? No way, never—not possible. Yet we often hear the adage, “A clean home is a happy home.”
“Sure,” you may be thinking, “my house is better off with a little tidying, but cleaning has never put me on cloud nine.” But can it?

Winterize Your Home

Before the cold weather sets in, take time to winterize your home and protect it from the elements headed your way. You’ll enjoy the sight of sparkling snow-drifts from the coziness of your living room while spending less time skidding on ice, fixing leaks and throwing money (in the form of heat) out your drafty windows.

To Pressure Wash or Not to Pressure Wash: What are the Risks?

Your property is looking a little green lately. The once-white, picket fence is now a hazy yellow. Your home’s foundation is breaking out in moldy blemishes that slowly work their way up to the windows. You’d like to pressure wash the encroaching eyesores and give your home the glow that it once had. But is pressure washing too risky?

How to Wash a Window in One Minute...or Less!

Why Rain Won't Ruin Your Parade

You know you’ve seen it happen before. Your windows look clean and then it rains. Suddenly, they appear spotty and flecked with mud. (So much for counting on clean windows for when Mom comes over.) Is the rain to blame? Yes and no.

A Fresh Outlook: Remodeling Your Windows

Are your windows old, inefficient or damaged? Are you looking for something bigger or more attractive for your living room or kitchen? Consider remodeling your windows to make your home more comfortable and inviting.

Landscaping Against Mold and Termites

Mold and termites are two enemies you don’t want to mess with. You may have an airtight home, free of interior moisture or infestation. But don’t stop there.

The Growing Panes of Glass: A History of Glass Windows

Glass is everywhere. It follows us in every ritual of our lives, encasing us and aiding us. We are cocooned by it when driving, working in the office, or relaxing in the sunroom. We sip from it in the kitchen, we peer into it in the bathroom, and we put it in our shopping carts at the food market. Perhaps the most overlooked glass, is the glass in our windows…

Salty Side Effects

Your first step out the front door after a winter storm could be precarious. Removing the layers of ice and snow on your sidewalks will be your first challenge before tackling the driveway. Keep the following in mind to make your sidewalks and driveway safe and winter-proof this season.

Awnings: A Proper Understanding Prolongs their Lifespan

Do your storefront awnings make a great first impression? If you’ve invested in awnings, you already have great curb appeal. Why lose this curb appeal if you can help it? All you need is some basic information to keep your awnings looking their best.

How to Choose a Professional Company

You want to hire a professional company. You don’t want to waste time or money with someone’s who’s incompetent. How do you pick a great company out of a crowd of others clamoring for your attention?

Summer Home Maintenance

Homes sustain a lot of wear and tear within the year. Inspecting your home once year for damages can spot a problem early on. This saves time and money spent on costly repairs.

Getting the Most out of Your Service

You just had your home and business’ siding, sidewalks and windows cleaned. You’re happy with how your property looks but won’t be getting another service for at least another six months. What upkeep can you do to prolong the fresh look of a professional cleaning?

TLC for Your Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is simply glass that is a lot stronger and safer than its non-tempered alternatives. This glass is rapidly cooled after reaching its melting point, making it four times stronger than other glasses.

Artillery Mold

You’ve probably seen it already: lots of tiny black dots spreading over your home’s siding, fencing, shrubs and even your car doors! If these little black dots are difficult to remove, leaving stains even after you’ve scraped them off, you are most likely dealing with artillery mold.

Gutter Upkeep

  Regularly cleaning these seemingly insignificant apparatuses goes a long way in preserving your property. Your roof, siding, foundation and garden will thank you for protecting them from costly water damage.

What's in an Estimate?

Interested in getting a free estimate from Bethany Associates? If you are, we can tell you how much it will cost to window wash and pressure wash your home or business in just a few minutes.

Your Roof Isn't Dirty; It's Moldy

The next time you are on your front lawn, take a look at your roof. Perhaps you see long green or black streaks running from the ridge down to the eaves. Unfortunately, your roof isn’t dirty. It’s moldy.

Why Replace Your Windows?

Do your old windows have storms that fall, frames that splinter, or sashes that stick? Do you awkwardly strain your back and neck cleaning panes? If this sounds like your experience with windows, consider replacing them.

How Do You Fight Mold?

This pernicious green and black blight can damage and discolor your siding, roof and porch if left to its own devices. What enables this eyesore to spread and what discourages its return?

Taking Care of Your Shore Home

As you enjoy the sea breezes with family or prepare for your next guest, keep in mind the unique maintenance needs of your summer getaway. Here are a few tips to remember.

Ask the Technician

Jared Barton, a certified technician, talks about the proper care of decks.

Taking Care of Broken Seals

Do some of your windows fog or condensate? Perhaps they aren’t hazy all the time but seem to consistently fog at certain times of the day.

How to Preserve Your Storefront Glass

Have you ever noticed the glass of a poorly kept storefront?Take a look at these tips for keeping your windows looking their best.

How To Keep Your Windows Clean Between Services

Soft Wash: What It Is and When To Use It

Soft Wash: What It Is and When to Use It

I’ve seen my neighbors getting their house cleaned regularly but am not exactly sure what method they are using. What’s the difference between soft wash and pressure washing?

The Benefits of Regular Service

Have you ever considered the benefits of regular cleaning services either for your home or business? Whether you clean bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly, the advantages of consistent maintenance are significant.

Dryvit or Stucco: Why Does It Matter?

Increasingly, more building owners employ better looking and insulating materials for their property. Dryvit is an exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) that builders have been using to create great first impressions, but many owners confuse their dryvit with stucco, leading to costly mistakes when cleaned improperly.

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