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Benefits of Regular Service

Have you ever considered the benefits of regular cleaning services either for your home or business? Whether you clean bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly, the advantages of consistent maintenance are significant.

Wash Away Winter Waste

Give your customers a fresh perspective this spring by getting rid of the dinginess of winter. What are their first impressions of your storefront when they step out of their cars?

Let Us Take Care of This

Chandeliers, High Fans and Other Bothersome Things to Clean

What do high ceiling fans, chandeliers and transoms all have in common? They are all difficult to clean. When is it convenient to pull out a ladder to reach high fixtures and glass? Certainly not at the end of the day when you’re putting up your feet for the first time in six hours.

To Pressure Wash or Not to Pressure Wash: What are the Risks?

Your property is looking a little green lately. The once-white, picket fence is now a hazy yellow. Your home’s foundation is breaking out in moldy blemishes that slowly work their way up to the windows. You’d like to pressure wash the encroaching eyesores and give your home the glow that it once had. But is pressure washing too risky?

When Bethany Washes Your Windows

Wondering what to expect when we wash your windows? Here’s what to do.

Before Bethany, After Bethany

Calcium deposits, rust stains and years of dirt can be washed away. If you think your property is stuck with these blemishes, just a take a look:

Get Rid of Gum

When you start looking for gum, you see it everywhere. Sadly, this breath-freshening past time ends up littering many of our promenades.It cements itself to concrete and asphalt, dotting what was once a clean thoroughfare.

Satisfactorily Stop Stains

Do you have stains on your property that you can’t wait to get rid of? Do you see spots on your windows, sidewalks, and awnings that won’t go away no matter how often you clean them?

Stately Domes

Domes are majestic, stately, and very hard to clean! At least they are challenging if you don’t have the experience and equipment for the job. Thankfully, we at Bethany Associates do.

Don't Let Mischief Night Get You Down

It was 7 AM when Tom, a local restaurant manager, drove up to his establishment. He got out of the car eager to greet his first customers, confer with his staff and prepare for an upcoming inspection.

All Your Pressure Washing Needs

Smart Scheduling

Owning a home is no small task. You need time, money, energy and skill to keep your home maintained and looking its best. How you do this will make a difference to your wallet and your schedule.

Backyard Beauty

When you organize the garage, plant the summer annuals and uncover the pool, remember to spruce-up the other key areas of your backyard as well.

Let Us Take Care of This

What to Expect When Calling for an Estimate

Elevate Your Restaurant's Exterior

We know the importance of a clean and attractive restaurant exterior. Fresh windows, siding, sidewalks and awnings tell your customers you care about the quality of your eatery. When you clean your restaurant’s facade, don’t neglect the oft-forgotten places such as the driveway and dumpster pad.

Winter Safeguard

Your property takes a beating during the winter months.The spray from nearby traffic corrodes the exterior of your property, whether it’s your windows, siding, awnings or sidewalk. Snow and ice take a toll on your home and business when salt and dirt aren’t cleaned up.

Keep On Your Awnings

Your awnings were no small investment. Fortunately, the comfort and style they lend your property is paying off. But do you maintain this asset?

Here Come the Holidays!

As you pull out decorations to prepare for the season, begin with clean windows, siding and sidewalk. Enhance your window trimmings and festive arrangements with gleaming windows and a fresh exterior.

A Brighter Bathroom

Are you tired of looking at a shower stall that won’t sparkle no matter how often you clean it?

A Brighter Sunroom

Consistent care is the key to maintaining and prolonging the life of any piece of property—especially sunrooms!

What You Can Expect When We Clean Your Home

At Bethany Associates we make professional window cleaning and pressure washing our business. Here’s what to expect when we show up to clean your home:

Experience Quality and Reliability

What are two things you really want when you hire a company? How about quality and reliability?

Your Roof Isn't Dirty; It's Moldy

The next time you are on your front lawn, take a look at your roof. Perhaps you see long green or black streaks running from the ridge down to the eaves. Unfortunately, your roof isn’t dirty. It’s moldy.

Spring Spruce Up

The dirt and salt from winter storms are still clinging to your business’s windows and sidewalks. Reflect the freshness of spring in your storefront by maintaining your windows, awnings, and sidewalks and invite your patrons to freshly cleaned premises.

Clean Windows for Your Restaurant

First impressions are important. Clients are unlikely to fully enjoy their meal in an unkempt restaurant, no matter how good the food.

Pressure Washing Demonstration

Get Ready to Swim

Here comes summer! As the days warm up and you enjoy the outdoors, no doubt your deck will be the hub of your family fun.

Bethany Versus Tough Stains

Spring is Here

As the days get warmer and the grass greener, you may be experiencing spring fever!

A Special Gift This Season

What can you give that special someone for Valentine’s Day?

Start Your New Year With Clean Windows

It’s a perfect time to get your windows cleaned as you put away the last of the Christmas decorations.

Send us a Message-We'll Call You!

Would you rather write than call? Simply go to our “Contact” page and send us a message.

Fans, Chandeliers, Mirrors and More

Your windows, sidewalks and siding are clean—but there is so much more we can do for you.

Your Timing is Perfect

“Your timing is perfect,” said the school administrator as I walked in. “We were just discussing painting the building.”

Selling Your Home? Let Us Help You Improve Your Curb Appeal.

Have you decided to sell? Do you know that the most common advice given to you the homeowner is, “Pay attention to first-impressions”?

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

“There’ll be parties for hosting,
Marshmallows for toasting,
And caroling out in the snow,”

Maintaining Your Awnings

If you are a store or business owner, your awnings are one of the first things your customer sees. They add style and definition to your storefront that might be lost with neglect or improper care. However, by addressing your awning’s most basic maintenance needs, you can restore and preserve this valuable asset of your business. Take a look at what we can do to make your awnings appear their best.

Get a Free Estimate. It's Easy!

Getting a free estimate for your windows is easy. Just call Bethany Associates and we will be happy to assist you. In order to give you the most accurate estimate, our representative will ask you a few questions about the style of windows in your home. Are you familiar with the names of the most common types of windows? If not, take a look.

Cleaning Dryvit - Softwash with Stunning Results!

Pressure washing your building can leave it looking as good as the day it was built. However, you must be wary of using pressure washing on the wrong exteriors. Our soft wash process protects your exterior from damage and leaves it looking like new.

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