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Quality and Reliability

Employee Highlight: Meet Sam Poat

My hometown is Modesto, in sunny California. In the summer, I enjoyed helping my uncle on his almond farm. Working long hours in all kinds of weather gave me the experience I needed for my job today.

Employee Highlight: Meet Timothy Krell

I enjoy the challenge of doing “a lot” with “less.” I like improving our in-house software to always enable us to provide reliable services. Usually this means keeping our employee’s smartphones and computers working so they can focus on service and not the maddening world of technology.

Employee Highlight: Meet Bret Gautier

“I asses the critical needs of our customers and make sure they are satisfied with the service we give them. I also make sure the time our employees work with us is as fulfilling as possible.”

Employee Highlight: Meet Catherine Stearns

“Customers have their own schedules to juggle, which may include a wedding shower or a family member who is on night shift and needs us to work around their sleep schedule. I love accommodating our customers and tailoring our estimates to fit their particular needs.”

Employee Highlight: Meet Jared Barton

“I learned that listening is the most powerful tool for growing a good business relationship. It is easy for people to think only of their interests and not truly listen to another person’s concerns. The most satisfying business relationships, however, are based on hearing the other person’s interests, needs or desires and responding to them.”

Are You Ready for the Holidays?

Shopping, wrapping presents, visiting family and hosting parties fill your calendar in the month ahead.

Employee Highlight: Meet Kelcy Poat

“I find it most rewarding when a customer has a specific scheduling need and I am able to make it work for them.”

Employee Highlight: Meet Technician Tim Niles

“I enjoy providing a good quality service for our customers and developing my relationship with them. I have enjoyed many years of building a service with other employees who have a vision for producing quality service.”

Looking Forward to 2014

Happy New Year! We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for choosing Bethany Associates for your cleaning needs.

Employee Highlight: Meet Technician Patrick Harding

“I know homeowners may wonder whether they can actually depend on a new contractor for a quality service. I like to answer that question by doing a quality job and by making my interaction with them pleasant and informative.”

Making Safety Our Priority

According to OSHA, “Approximately 6,000 US employees are dying from workplace injuries every year.”

Employee Highlight: Meet Operations Manager Jon Trevillyan

“Part of what I like about my position is finding new ways to serve our customers and helping our employees safely and efficiently do their work.”

What Our Customers Are Saying

The gentlemen did a great job. They were very thorough, had great manners, and were very nice. I am your customer for life! Thank you for the excellent service!- J.W.

On the Job

Check out our employees hard at work!

Bethany Associates: Serving the Delaware Valley for Over a Decade.

Is Bethany Associates an Insured Company?

Just How Important Is Insurance?

Hiring an insured company may be more important than you think. When it comes to taking risks on any work site, somebody is going to be liable. When an accident happens, will it be you the business or home-owner paying for someone else’s mistake?

Work: Our Mission

Our New Window Cleaning Commercial

We just finished our latest commercial. Watch the video to see professional window washing at work!

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