3 Reasons Your Windows Look Dirty

1) Phew – it really is just dirt!

If you can write “clean me” on the glass with your finger, your window is covered in a film of dirt and dust but will sparkle like a crystal dream once it’s properly cleaned. Wash them with vinegar water in a spray bottle and a soft rag, or give us a call and we’ll take care of it for you.

2) Hard Water Stains

Exterior windows that remain spotted after cleaning are generally damaged by minerals that adhere to the glass, creating a ‘hard water stain’. This can be professionally cleaned with a mild abrasive.

3. Broken Seal

If your window appears foggy, you can’t write “clean me” on it, and washing has no effect, then you are most likely looking at a broken seal. Double and triple-glazed windows usually contain a special gas between the panes that helps insulate your home. The seals may fail from too much heat, pressure, or buildup of dirt and debris. Air and moisture replace the escaping gas, causing condensation and fogginess. This issue needs to be handled by a company that specializes in window repair and replacement.

Bethany Associates’ technicians will check your windows for staining and broken seals during your regular service and let you know what can be done to restore your windows to their former shine. Give us a call at (888) 601-4257 to schedule your services today!