Artillery Mold: The Black Spots on your Siding

Artillery Mold

What It Is

You’ve probably seen it already: lots of tiny black dots spreading over your home’s siding, fencing, shrubs and even your car doors! If these little black dots are difficult to remove, leaving stains even after you’ve scraped them off, you are most likely dealing with artillery mold. This pernicious fungus grows best in rotting wood. That’s why its very much at home in your garden mulch beds, “shooting” its spores as far as twenty feet away onto plants, siding and many other surfaces. While artillery mold doesn’t harm your vinyl siding, it is a very obstinate eyesore.

A Very Stubborn Opponent

Unfortunately, artillery mold sticks around once it’s attached itself to your home. It is nearly impossible to remove completely, short of picking each dot off by trying to scratch it with your fingernail. The top layer of the individual spores may come off with cleaning, but a very stubborn stain stays behind. Additionally, you risk damaging your home if you use high-pressure water or caustic chemicals when cleaning your siding.

What You Can Do About It

If you have artillery mold on your home we may be able to clean and restore its surface, but iff the mold has deeply penetrated the siding – which we see in most cases – it may need to be refinished or replaced. Any standard green organic growth, however, will come right off with our exterior cleaning. 

Prevent artillery mold at the get-go by throwing away any piles of decaying sticks or logs on your lawn or in your garden. Consider using cypress or pine bark mulch to discourage mold growth since wet or rotting wood is its primary breeding grounds. (These tree barks are drier than regular mulch.)

Another option is to replace your mulch altogether with attractive landscaping stones or natural ground cover such as ivy or periwinkle. You will have the most success controlling artillery mold by eliminating its habitat near your home and by regularly pressure washing the siding to keep organic growth at bay. Not only will this reduce the potential for artillery mold growth but it will also keep your property looking beautiful.

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