To Pressure Wash or Not: What Are the Risks?

To Pressure Wash or Not to Pressure Wash: What are the Risks?

Has your property been looking a bit green lately? The once-white, picket fence is now a hazy yellow… Your home’s foundation is breaking out in moldy blemishes that slowly work their way up to the windows… You’d like to pressure wash the encroaching eyesores and give your home the glow that it once had. But is pressure washing too risky?

Maybe you’ve heard stories of damaged property: breakage, wood rot, and injured lawns and gardens. Wouldn’t it be safer to scrub the house yourself or rent a pressure washer?

It’s true, pressure washing may pose a risk to your property, but the benefits far outweigh the risks, and risks are diminished if you do your research to hire a reputable cleaning company. Pressure washing both protects and improves your home’s exterior. Mold and dirt not only discolor sidewalks, siding, and fences, but can also permanently ruin their surfaces. Routine pressure washing preserves your property while making it look its best year-round.

Most of the risks homeowners experience are the result of hiring amateur technicians. Professional technicians won’t cause wood rot by shooting water under your siding. They’ll use low pressure water on delicate surfaces and gardens will be protected with coverings or hydro soaking if stronger detergents are needed. Make sure to ask your cleaning company if they power wash or soft wash, especially if you are having your roof or pavers cleaned! 

If you’re worried pressure washing won’t get rid of all of your mold, rest easy. Ninety-nine percent will disappear—enough to make your home sparkle! Some stubborn artillery mold may leave a few black specks behind, but they will greatly diminish after exposure to the sun.

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