Does Rain Make my Windows Dirty?

You’ve seen it happen before: your windows look clean and then it rains. Suddenly, they appear spotty and flecked with mud. (So much for counting on clean windows for when Mom comes over.) Is the rain to blame? Not really, actually.

Dust in the Wind

The real culprit is dust, pollen and debris carried by wind. Rain simply reveals what is already on your windows. The windows in the above scenario were actually dirty. The rain simply created mud out of the fine layer of dust sitting on the pane. After everything dried, the windows looked spotted.

Timing Your Cleaning

Clean the windows even if it’s going to rain? Yes! Cleaning can happen even while the raindrops fall. Rainwater won’t dirty your windows once they are properly cleaned and rinsed. Your glass will dry clear just like it would on a sunny day.

We Don’t Mind Rain

At Bethany Associates, we don’t let a little rain stop our work. Rain or shine, we get the job done when promised. In humid South Jersey, we’ve adapted our systems to account for the rainy season. Don’t be surprised if you see us washing your windows during a cloudburst. When the clouds move on, your glass will still sparkle and reflect the sunlight! Of course, the team will always call to reschedule your appointment if we don’t believe your home can be thoroughly or safely due to inclement weather.

Rain Day Guarantee

Notice a missed spot when the sun comes out? Give us a call (or let us know when you receive your service follow!) and we’ll take care of it.

Ready to book your fall cleaning? Call (888) 601-4257 ext. 1 and we’ll be happy to help.

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