Taking Care of Your Shore Home

Taking Care of Your Shore Home

Do you own or lease a home down the shore? As you enjoy the sea breezes with family or prepare for your next guest, keep in mind the unique maintenance needs of your summer getaway. Here are a few tips to remember.

Think Vinyl Mesh, Not Metal

Do your windows have metal mesh screens or vinyl mesh screens? If you have metal mesh screens, replace them with vinyl mesh to better preserve your windowpanes. Metal mesh easily oxidizes in the damp, salty air. Eventually, rust will be blown onto your windows, corroding and pitting the glass.

No matter what kind of screens you own, remove them during the winter months when the windows aren’t in use. This will not only preserve your screens but also keep your windows clean longer since dirt will not collect on the screens and eventually dirty the glass.

Tempests and Tenants

Detect damage early after severe storms or a long winter. Check your windows for cracks or your roof for leaks and prevent further damage to your home from water or other unsafe conditions. If you lease your home during the summer, check after each guest’s departure for damage due to rough usage.

Sponge Away Sea Salt

When it comes to the windows on your shore home, the best advice is to “maintain, maintain, and maintain.” At the shore, salt easily collects on glass creating a film that can be tough but not impossible to remove. Regularly cleaning your windows will not only make your home attractive but will prevent long-term damage due to salt build-up.

Do you have a South Jersey beach house to prep for the upcoming season?

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