Selling your home? Instantly Improve Curb Appeal

Instantly Improve Curb Appeal

First Impressions Make a Difference

Have you decided to sell? Do you know that the most common advice given to you the homeowner is, “Pay attention to first impressions”? Whether it is the clean sidewalk, beautiful garden, or inviting front porch, potential buyers are swayed by what they see first. Focusing on the cleanliness and neatness of your home’s exterior may give you the competitive advantage you need on the market.

While you can’t change certain aspects of your home—its size, style, and proximity to schools and services—you can maximize aspects like its general appearance. And although the interior conditions of your kitchen and bathroom are key, research shows it is the exterior conditions that make the lasting impressions on the buyer. Potential buyers move on when something as simple as dirt is still hanging around.

How Can We Help You Make the Difference?

How can we help you make your home stand out from the rest on the market? Bethany Associates provides you with top-notch window cleaning, pressure washing and soft washing to help make the difference you need for selling your home.

Soft wash and pressure washing services can remove years of mold and dirt, making your roof and siding look brand-new. Are your gutters clogged and dirty? Allow us to take that chore off your checklist of things to do before you sell.

Finally, our window cleaning services put the cherry on top with a sparkle as potential buyers step over the threshold and take a closer look at their future home.

Are you getting ready to sell one of your South Jersey properties? Call us today at 888-601-4257 for a free estimate and book before the photographers and potential buyers arrive.

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