Benefits of Regular Service

Have you ever considered the benefits of regular cleaning services either for your home or business? Whether you clean bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly, the advantages of consistent maintenance are significant.

Prevents Damage; Saves on Cost

Upkeep is the most cost effective way to prevent damage to your property. As the old adage says, “A stitch in time saves nine.” Consider the long term effects of not regularly cleaning your windows. Mineral build-up from the mist or direct spray of lawn watering systems may tint your glass grey, giving it a “fish eye” appearance. The same kind of damage may occur when lime and other minerals from brick, dryvit, EIFS, or stucco facades leech onto any glass they overhang. Instead, redirect any sprinkler heads and routinely wash your windows. You will save yourself time and money in either using expensive chemical treatments or replacing damaged glass.

Morale of Employees
When you create a consistently clean environment in your business, you not only save on costs, you communicate standards and expectations to your employees that go beyond tangible benefits. Clean and orderly environments create an efficient workplace for your employees to do their best. Take into account your employee’s health and aesthetic needs whether maintaining cleanliness inside or out of the office space. The return on your investment will be well worth the cost.
An Experience Customers Return To
Give customers an experience they can return to. Step into their shoes and imagine what they see when they first walk into your business. First impressions may be lasting impressions. “Get it right” not only the first time but the second, third, and fourth by having a regularly scheduled cleaning service.
Lastly, cheaper is not always better. Spending the time and money on upkeep not only prevents unnecessary damage to your property, but also increases its worth in the long run while creating an inviting environment for both your employees and customers.