Cleaning Chandeliers, Light Fixtures, Transoms, & High Fans

Difficult-to-reach Lights, Windows, & Fans

Cleaning high fixtures like ceiling fans, chandeliers, and transoms (fixed windows above your doors or foyer) is always a hassle. When is it convenient to pull out a ladder and find the right cleaning products? Certainly not after a long day or on weekends when the weather is nice and the outdoors are calling.

Although you might not be able to see the dust on these high surfaces, when stirred by airflow it lands on clean ottomans and wingbacks below. Has it been a while since you pulled out the high duster? Think twice before before turning on those fans! It’s a pain, but it’s best to clean these difficult areas at least once if not twice a year. 

Keep it Simple

For chandeliers, mix isopropyl alcohol and water (1:4 ratio) in a spray bottle. Wipe the crystals with a lint-free cloth. Use a high duster for fans and transoms. Quick dusting in between deep cleanings keeps things looking good.

Sit Back and Enjoy

Don’t stress about chasing dust after a tiring day or on your weekends. If these tasks feel overwhelming, call Bethany Associates. We’ll handle the cleaning for you, making your glass and crystal shine. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a professionally cleaned home. Reach us 888-601-4257 ext. 1 to book your cleaning today. 

Photo by Eugenia Clara on Unsplash