Time to Replace Your Old Windows

Time to replace Old Windows

Do your old windows have storms that fall, frames that splinter, or sashes that stick? Do you awkwardly strain your back and neck cleaning panes? If this sounds like your experience with windows, consider replacing them. Not only are new windows cost-effective, but they are also easier to maintain.

Cost Effectiveness

Storm windows simply are not as energy-efficient as modern options like the tilt-in double hung.The numerous technological improvements such as “low-e glass” (low emissivity glass) and UV window films give you better options for maintaining the home’s heating and cooling, as well as protecting your furniture from fading and discoloration.

Replace your storm windows and enjoy the satisfaction of saving money while living in comfort.

Easier Maintenance

Not only are modern double hungs energy-efficient but they are also much easier to clean than old-style glass.

Many models tilt in, making your maintenance quick and easy. Accessing windows on the second story of your home will be hassle-free when you skip the ladders and clean from the comfort of the inside of your own home.

Replacing your old windows is a good investment. Energy efficiency, easy maintenance, as well as increased natural light are only a few of the added benefits of updating your home. Moreover, modern windows add curb appeal to any home getting a makeover.


Interested in having your windows cleaned professionally? Bethany Associates recommends at least two professional cleaning services a year for the best maintenance of your windows.

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